Drukgyel Dzong

My Visit to Drukgyel Dzong in Paro Bhutan


On 18thMay 2013, Saika, my best friend from Bangladesh, and I went to visit Drukgyal Dzong. Drukgyel Dzong, which means the fortress of the victorious Drukpas , was built in 1649 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal as a symbol to celebrate the Bhutanese’s victory over Tibetan invading forces and also to protect Bhutan from future foreign invading forces. Although the Dzong was used for storing granaries, arms, and religious for many years in the past, in 1950s the Dzong was almost completely destroyed by a fire.

Today, you will find the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong. And it has become one of the tourist places in Paro Bhutan. Therefore, I took Saika to show Drukgyel Dzong. At that time, the weather was cloudy and there was a slight rainfall. Two of us had a good time taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scene. It will just take maximum 20 minutes to see the Dzong but we stayed for 2 hours. Saika said that she enjoyed breathing fresh air, feeling the cool monsoon air, hearing silence, and walking in and around the Dzong. It is one of the best places to be with nature and its beauty.