International Women’s Day


Buddha never told us to be born in Man’s body first in order to get an enlightenment and in fact, Buddha told us, if we find anybody on our spiritual way who says he/she is a buddha then kill it. It’s because true buddha is always found within oneself. Always be proud and happy that you are a woman and make best use of this day to realize how beautiful you are both inside out. Make best use of every opportunities which give you chance to grow stronger, wiser and independent. …Keep books and pen close to you for they are the strongest weapon to raise your voice and stand against any kind of discrimination.
During my college days, I read a research paper that said women undermine women when it comes to taking lead role in politics. If that is true, let us take today as a day to empower each other and be less selfish.
The sound of one hand clapping cannot be heard. Therefore, we need our society, which includes men, laws, culture and tradition, rules, and religious text interpreters, to give respect and support for women and work towards empowering and educating our girls and women.
To all the women and girls, Happy Women’s day ((((^____^)))). You are ••°°°°••••°°BEAUTIFUL••°°°°••••°°, SMART••°°°• and *°•➷ ➷ ➷➷ ➷INNOVATIVE *°•➷ ➷ ➷➷ ➷May all women be free to become what they wish for their daughters and may all women live, laugh and love to the fullest throughout their lives. May good health, happiness and success follow us. /\